Felted slippers, "CAFFEINE", Women wool felt slippers, shoes, handmade home shoes, felted shoes, slippers, woolen slippers, felt slippers, eco slippers 804b3f

Felted slippers, "CAFFEINE", Women wool felt slippers, shoes, handmade home shoes, felted shoes, slippers, woolen slippers, felt slippers, eco slippers 804b3f

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Felted slippers, "CAFFEINE", Women wool felt slippers, shoes, handmade home shoes, felted shoes, slippers, woolen slippers, felt slippers, eco slippers 804b3f

I’ve been thinking about this necklace for a few weeks now, but I’m just getting around to featuring it now.

Ahhh, I know, know…it’s terrible of me isn’t it? And it was just a matter of squeezing the “doing” of it into what have been some really busy days lately.

Of course, I don’t know why I waited so long now because the actual “making” of this took no time at all…I promise! Really, you could buy the materials, make it and wear it all within an hour or so. Now that’s a quick DIY!

And now I feel even more silly I didn’t do it earlier, sheesh!

But best of all…it’s really pretty too!!!

Felted slippers "CAFFEINE" for persons, who can't imaging their life without cap of COFFEE!!

Felted by hands and have an unique, restrained, Scandinavian design, developed by myself. All my slippers have a leather sole.

All my handmade piecies are made of exellent wool, my love and a piece of magic!))

Please, contact with me, if you have any questions.

!!!!!!!!Please, before ordering, measure the size of the foot and select the size you need according to the table!!!!!

The felting is rather long process, so I kindly ask you to be patient and wait about 7-10 days your item to be made and prepared for shipment!

Only hand wash in warm water! Please, use special detergent suitable for wool. Do not wash in very hot water and do not dry in very hot conditions.

Felted slippers, "CAFFEINE", Women wool felt slippers, handmade home shoes, felted shoes, woolen slippers, felt slippers, eco slippers

10-12 Pre-drilled Turquoise stones of different sizes and shapes

Gold or clear bead thread

Wire cutters

Small gold chain

Medium gold beads

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1 jewelry clasp

Hypo Cement



Step 1:  Gather your materials and arrange your stones how you want them to appear in line as your necklace.

Step 2:  Measure the length of necklace you want. I usually use another necklace I already have as my measure. For this one I used an old pearl necklace. Next, string your bead thread through the last stone on one side. Then pull the string through the end of your small gold chain. Tie a double knot with the bead thread to secure your thread to the chain and triple secure it with a few drops of Hypo Cement on the knot.

Step 5:  Tie bead thread to another section of your small gold chain. Add Hypo cement in the same way you did in step 2. Cut chain on both ends to the length of your choice. Add jump rings to both ends and jewelry clasp to one end.

And that’s it…you’re done. Step back and look at what a pretty statement necklace you have.

Now go out and show it off!!!

I love how versatile this necklace is. Here it is with a sweater and jeans looking fresh and fun…

…and here it is with a cute lavender strapless number if you’re looking for a night out.

Both look great, don’t you think?

As always, I’d love to hear your comments.

Thanks for stopping by!


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