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The Ambiguous Photo

Jul 24, 2014No Comments848 Views

Taking a photo with a hot friend may seem like a good idea because it gets hits, but when we realise you’re the other one


The Moustache

Jul 15, 2008No Comments710 Views

It’s like the beachside jumping in the air photos, neither were funny when the trend started and now they are damn right infuriating. They have


The Pants Off Pete

Jul 15, 2005No Comments944 Views

It’s pants off friday everyday for this eager lad. Loves the pull the trigger on a nude selfie! Threaten to share with his parents and


The Flashback Photo

Jul 15, 2005No Comments677 Views

It’s nice to know you looked like that five years ago, but are we any chance of seeing a current shot of you which includes


The Philosopher

Jul 15, 2002Comments off568 Views

If we wanted to read quotes all day we would buy a calendar. The site is for hooking up, take your deep thinking clashroyale boom