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Mobile Beauty

The Breakup

Jul 14, 2009No Comments824 Views

If you have been with someone for less than a week you can breakup via text, otherwise a call is required.


The Snoop

Jul 16, 2005No Comments664 Views

Looking over someone’s shoulder at their text message is only acceptable if you are invited to do so or they have done so to you

Ugly weirdo man looking at cellphone

The One Way Texter

Jul 15, 2005No Comments803 Views

Never send more than four texts to a person without a reply. Get the message, they are either busy or don’t want to talk to

Angry man with mobile smartphone

The Caps Crusader

Jul 15, 2005No Comments1554 Views

Everyone knows that person who writes every SMS in capital letters. If they are over 50 let them be, but if they are under it

conversation from the restroom

The Toilet Texter

Jul 15, 2005No Comments564 Views

It is acceptable to send texts while on the toilet, however unacceptable to answer calls.


The cAsE oFfenDer

Jul 15, 2005No Comments387 Views

This is never acceptable, stop it! If you can’t use the upper & lower case with respect for the english language don’t use it.

What an exciting movie! Excited young couple eating popcorn and drinking soda while watching movie at the cinema

The Cinema

Jul 15, 2005No Comments1441 Views

Once the movie begins you may look at an SMS, however no more than two replies is acceptable.

Volksstimme Fotos Ausgabe SAW

The Table Texter

Jul 15, 2005No Comments428 Views

You have the right to reply to three texts per meal while sitting at the table. Leave the table for more.


The Sexter

Jul 15, 2005No Comments403 Views

If someone is kind enough to send you a sexy photo you are not obligated to send one back…but it is encouraged.


The XXX er

Jul 15, 2005No Comments436 Views

Only add the XXX symbol to text messages if you are interested in the other person. It’s powerful and it’s provocative!