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The Beach Boaster

Jul 16, 2003No Comments872 Views

There’s nothing more annoying than constant beach updates from someone’s holiday. More than 3 poolside leg images per week. Block!

Handsome athletic man

The Naked Ninja

Jul 16, 2003No Comments893 Views

You neck will snap back and you never saw it coming. The Naked Ninja loves sending you inappropriate photos when you least expect it. Beware!

Muscular man in gym training with dumbbell

The Gym Junkie

Jul 16, 2003No Comments1643 Views

Everyone knows one.  The gym guy who shares his ab sculping journey. Any unwarranted gym photo without a top on is more than block worthy.

Young woman with her dog

The Pet Princess

Jul 16, 2003No Comments866 Views

Unless anything has changed from yesterday we know you have a pet. Any more than 3 images of the dog a week via snapchat is

Young Man on the top of Tour Eiffel in Paris

The Mass Messenger

Jul 16, 2003No Comments881 Views

We know you want everyone to know you are somewhere cool, but the moment it’s mass snapchat it turns from sweet to showoff. Barely acceptable.