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Why inhabitants like to enjoy over the inte...

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When that it needs entertainment you will find desk games, arcades, over the internet games, chief executive only to chief executive puzzles, MMORPGs only to

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The Official Rule

May 14, 2014No Comments1311 Views

The person who initiated the phone call, always calls back if the call drops out.

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The Desperado

Sep 10, 2012No Comments990 Views

If you call back 3 times and can’t get through, don’t be a desperado, it’s now the other persons responsibility to return your call.

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The Date

Sep 09, 2012No Comments2832 Views

If someone calls while on a date you may only call back after the other person has left the table or the date is over.

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The Mistress

Sep 09, 2012No Comments957 Views

If the call drops out while talking to the mistress the man calls back. It probably dropped out for a reason.

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The Ex

Sep 09, 2012No Comments824 Views

If you miss a call from the ex during the day you may call them back. If the call is after 11pm, they’re drunk! Don’t

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Call Waiting

Sep 09, 2012No Comments839 Views

If someone leaves you on-hold for over 2 minutes you are entitled to hang up. It is up to them to call back.

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The Casual

Sep 11, 2010No Comments915 Views

If you are seeing someone casually, there is no requirement to call back the day after.

Be Quiet

The Love Interrupter

Jul 15, 2010No Comments808 Views

Never answer your phone during sexy time with a loved one. Miss the call and call back later.

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The Restroom

Jul 15, 20101 Comment1096 Views

It is unacceptable to make a call in the restroom, but is acceptable to answer as long as it is limited to under 10 seconds.