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The Mistress

Sep 09, 2012No Comments977 Views

If the call drops out while talking to the mistress the man calls back. It probably dropped out for a reason.

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The Elevator

Sep 09, 2012No Comments1077 Views

If you state that you are entering an elevator it is assumed that your reception dropped out and you must at minimum text back.

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The Ex

Sep 09, 2012No Comments841 Views

If you miss a call from the ex during the day you may call them back. If the call is after 11pm, they’re drunk! Don’t

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Call Waiting

Sep 09, 2012No Comments857 Views

If someone leaves you on-hold for over 2 minutes you are entitled to hang up. It is up to them to call back.

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The Casual

Sep 11, 2010No Comments930 Views

If you are seeing someone casually, there is no requirement to call back the day after.

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The Battery

Sep 10, 2010No Comments1080 Views

If at any point you mention that you are low on battery it is assumed your phone died and you must at minimum text back.

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The Whinger

Jul 16, 2010No Comments875 Views

If a person calls you every night complaining about their life, on the third night in a row you are entitled to hang up.  

Be Quiet

The Love Interrupter

Jul 15, 2010No Comments819 Views

Never answer your phone during sexy time with a loved one. Miss the call and call back later.

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The Restroom

Jul 15, 20101 Comment1108 Views

It is unacceptable to make a call in the restroom, but is acceptable to answer as long as it is limited to under 10 seconds.

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The Stalker

Sep 10, 2005No Comments869 Views

If a guy / girl calls you ten times in 24 hours it should set off alarm bells. Never call them back!