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The Official Rule

May 14, 2014No Comments1311 Views

The person who initiated the phone call, always calls back if the call drops out.

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The Argument

Jan 15, 2013No Comments1051 Views

While in a relationship if the phone cuts out during an argument, the man always calls back.

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The Family

Sep 11, 2012No Comments1365 Views

If you are speaking to mum or dad they will call back, but for grandparents you must always call back.

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The Police

Sep 10, 2012No Comments900 Views

If the call drops out while driving (w/out hands free) it’s assumed you’ve seen police and you will call back when it’s safe.    

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The Car Park

Sep 10, 2012No Comments883 Views

If you state that you are entering a car park it is assumed that your reception dropped out and you must always call back.

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The Battery

Sep 10, 2010No Comments1068 Views

If at any point you mention that you are low on battery it is assumed your phone died and you must at minimum text back.

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The Whinger

Jul 16, 2010No Comments863 Views

If a person calls you every night complaining about their life, on the third night in a row you are entitled to hang up.  

Business Meeting On Hold

The Interrupter

Jul 15, 2005No Comments493 Views

If the person you are speaking to is interrupted by kids, husbands or other persons more than four times during your conversation you may hang

Confident young man using mobile in cinema

The Quiet Zones

Jul 15, 2005No Comments515 Views

It is not acceptable to answer your phone in quiet zones: cinema, church, library, funeral. Reply texts are only acceptable in the cinema & library.


The Wait Waiter

Jul 15, 2005No Comments400 Views

When ordering food hang up your call before speaking to the waitress. You wouldn’t like it done to you. Call back afterwards.