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The Gender Defender

50 Shades of Facebook

July 31, 2014

To celebrate the launch of Fifty Shade of Grey, we decided to put our own spin to produce 50 Shades of Facebook Friends – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

There are more than 500 million people using Facebook worldwide, yet somehow many seem to fit into a small number of categories which make them universally recognisable and in many cases universally annoying.

View all the profiles and their characteristics here

Click here to view the full list or view them individually below:

  1. The Opportunist

  2. The ‘Tag a Mate’ Tossbag

  3. The Cougar

  4. The Third Person Ponderer

  5. The Gullible Town Crier

  6. The Social Scene Queen

  7. The Fisher

  8. The Hashtagger

  9. The Weather Reporter

  10. The Inspirational Rooster

  11. The Thief

  12. The Gamer

  13. The Voyeur

  14. The Anti-Facebook

  15. The Gender Defender

  16. The Friend Whore

  17. The Random Requester

  18. The Album Creep

  19. The E-Card-er

  20. The Patriotic Racist

  21. The Sports Nuffy

  22. The Indirect Abusive Message

  23. The Halfwit Hacker

  24. The Gang Signer

  25. The ‘I said Yes’

  26. The Mass Photo Uploader

  27. The Charity Champion

  28. The Play-by-Play

  29. The Grammar Police

  30. The Glamour Shot Recycler

  31. The Anti-Googler

  32. The Fashion Flogger

  33. The Spoiler

  34. The Beauty Pageant Parents

  35. The Kony Crusader

  36. The Bosom Bandit

  37. The Smoothie Seller

  38. The Pole Dancer

  39. The Salacious Single

  40. The Duckface

  41. The Tattood Tosser

  42. The Crossfit Couple

  43. The Barely Clad Couples Photoshoot

  44. The Best BF in the World

  45. The Graff Groupie

  46. The Artsy Photographer

  47. The FML Funsucker

  48. The Couple Profile

  49. The Preacher

  50. The Song Lyric Simpleton

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